Hear From Our Patients

The best way to hear about the expertise, care, and skill of The Workman Center for Plastic Surgery is from our patients. This is your body. We want to make sure that we do all we to help you get the results you want. Every procedure we do will be done with expert care.

Listen to how we’ve helped some patients in our community!



“The nicest part was being able to lie on a pillow for four hours. 80% of it was utterly pain-free… If anything it was comparable to the slight pain that your muscles might have the day after a workout or even the way you might feel after a vigorous massage.”


Mommy Makeover

“With each pregnancy, I gained fifty pounds give or take and then lose fifty pounds within three months of having them… what didn’t help was my once 34 DD chest went down to a small C with little to no tissue. My belly was so stretched out, it left me with wrinkly, gross skin. No amount of exercise or healthy eating would take that away. When I’d look into the mirror, I’d think ‘This isn’t my body. That’s definitely not me.’ It took away my confidence and I no longer felt sexy or attractive. My body made me feel very insecure.”


See the results for yourself.

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