Patient Testimonials

Responses from our Patient Satisfaction Survey

Dear Dr. Workman,

Thank you and your staff and nurses for coming to my aid so quickly this past week. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I’m carefully following each of the doctor’s orders to keep it that way!!!

As I mentioned, I feel extremely fortunate to have found you, Dr. Workman. Your surgery skills and “eye” for what looks best are impressive. What’s more, you have hospitable office staff and nurses. They are top-notch in the customer services arena. A special thanks to Jack for working me in and a special thanks to Alisha who was the first to greet me and then helped send me on my way.

Thanks again, Dr. Workman.


The expert care I received from Dr. Will and staff was professional, compassionate and timely during my traumatic event and continuing dental work.  – S.M.

We were very pleased with the whole package (service and all) that we received.  We have already told friends about you.  – K.C. & Family

Dr. Will was wonderful!  My daughter is only 16 and he made her feel very comfortable.  The overall experience was exceptional.   – N

Care and attention to special needs of my elderly uncle were excellent.  – D.H.

Excellent patient care and customer service.  – D.L.

Dr. Will and staff are “outstanding”.  – R.W.

You guys are wonderful, beyond fantastic!  Thank you for everything.  – J.P.

I’m so glad I was referred to your office.  I can’t thank you enough for all your help and work.  The staff is great.  – A.S.

Great experience – will definitely keep you in mind for future procedures.  Thanks!  – A.B.

Will refer.  – L.G.

The staff and Dr. Will are outstanding.  –D.S.

Very good experience!   – J.O.

Dr. Will is warm, calm and confident.  The staff is very friendly and professional always.  – L.J.

Friendly staff conveyed an atmosphere of professionalism.  – H.P.

This was such a positive experience for my daughter.  Thank you.   – K.T.

As always, experience was without a doubt one of the best.   Dr. Will and his staff are just awesome.    –L.K.

The best gentle, painless experience I have ever had in oral dentistry or surgery.  Thank you!  – M.M.

A model medical facility/practice.  – G.G.

I have seen Dr. Will on several occasions and the experience from him and his staff has always been great.  – M.J.

Dr. Will and his staff are always very professional, courteous and have a genuine concern for patients.    – Anonymous

I wanted to extend my greatest appreciation to Dr. Will and all the staff for an awesome, awesome job.  I can’t wait to see the results.  I was so comfortable and fully informed with all of my questions.  I will be definitely recommending you guys to everybody I know.  I just simply love the environment and your customer service.  Keep up the great work guys.  You are rock stars.  – A.W.

From a Breast Augmentation Patient

I wanted to thank everyone for what you did for me. I am day 2 post-op and feeling great! Thanks to Dawn & Kay for answering my (sometimes silly) questions over the phone; and Gretchen helping me understand all aspects of my surgery pre-operatively. It made me feel more at ease when I knew there was an open door and someone to talk to.

Thank you Jack RN, and Jackie RN, for tending to my needs, offering me warm blankets and really takings things step-by-step to make my experience customized. As nervous as I was, you two really set the tone for the rest of my experience.

Thank you Dr. Tenold for thoroughly explaining your role and the steps you take. I thought I would feel more vulnerable laying on the OR table, but you were coaching me though it all and knowing what to expect before it happened was the key to my relaxation…and before I knew it, I was waking up in the PACU.

Before I skip ahead too quickly, I would also like to thank Wendy, my Surgical Technologist. Although I never officially met you, I know you were there every step of the way. As a Surgical Technologist myself, I appreciate everything you did to make my surgery run smoothly, and flawlessly.

Last but not least, thank you Alishia in post-op, for putting up with me after all the loopy drugs. I remember something about crackers and water; but I fail to remember being brought out to the car by wheelchair! I can only imagine that is because I was very comfortable and cared for

I had an overall wonderful & positive experience with the team. Thank you, Jack, for calling me the very next morning to see how I was feeling.

Without a doubt, I would recommend your care to others just as I was referred to Dr. Workman by a friend! Now I cannot wait to take the bandages off and see my results and progress.

Thank you everyone!!

– Breast Augmentation Patient

From Brandi

From the very first consultation, Dr. Workman and his staff were impeccable and I would recommend his services for anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery. His gracious and understanding bedside manner made the whole situation comfortable and put me at ease. I had many concerns about how this would affect my image to those around me, especially my daughter as I emphasize and teach her daily to love who she is and to love her body. Dr. Workman addressed this head on, stating that this surgery was about reconstructing my breasts to their original pre-pregnancy and pre-breast feeding shape so I could regain the confidence and image that I had known to be myself for so long. Being a long distance runner as well, I wanted to make sure whatever end result he gave me it would not hinder or affect my running. He took the time and made it a personal challenge to give me 100% natural looking breasts, and I am happy to report that I completed a half marathon just four months post-surgery and I am happier and more confident with the way I look. The whole process was stress-free, and the financing that his team discussed with me at the first meeting made this desire a real possibility! I could not speak highly enough of Dr. Workman and his team, they made me feel comfortable, even when asking the tough and embarrassing questions. I am incredibly happy with the results and I would highly recommend Dr. Workman.

– Brandi

From Karen


Host: On the phone with Karen. Good morning Karen. You had a procedure done with Dr. Michael Workman, can you tell me a little about your procedure and how it is today?

Karen: I sure can. I saw him almost two years ago, and he did a tummy tuck and a abdominal reconstruction. My muscles were so stretched out after four very big babies, so he fixed all of that. He also did a breast lift with a slight reduction and put everything back where it is supposed to go. Best decision I have ever made, for myself. He really changed my life. I know it sounds silly, but I know that moms can relate when you just feel yucky after getting those sweet kids here and he put me together again and I LOVE it.

Host: And so Karen your confidence is back? You’ve got your pre-baby look back?

Karen: Yeah, well it’s a whole lot better than it was before! (laughs). He did such a great job. I had met with other surgeons, but he took a ton of time with me, got to know my husband and I, and answered every question we possibly had and that wasn’t my experience with other surgeons. So I can’t say enough good things about him. I am thrilled with the results and I sent a couple of friends to him and they have had similar experiences and I can’t recommend him enough for just being able to give yourself a chance to look good again. It’s worth every penny.

Host: Well Karen, good for you for getting the mommy makeover. Can I ask you, what was your recovery like?

Karen: You know it was funny; he was very clear with me that it was going to be a big recovery. He had to do a bit more than just a traditional tummy tuck because of the state my stomach was it, but I remember waking up that day and I was looking down and I was SO elated that I was fine. I mean, yeah it’s painful. You’ve got some stuff, but Dr. Workman worked really hard to make me comfortable and for the most part I was. I followed exactly what he said to do and I had great support from my husband and friends who came and took of my kids, and me and I recovered beautifully. I really, really did. It was uncomfortable you know, but it was a lot of work so you expect that. But again worth every second of any discomfort I had for the results that I have now.

Host: Well congratulations on your mommy makeover! I am so glad that worked for you. You should extremely happy. You need to send me a photo ha! ha!

Karen: I will, I will! Ha! Thank you Dr. Workman!!

Dr. Workman: You are very welcome!


From Sarah

I had a good friend of mine refer me to Dr Workman. I was very pleased with my surgery from start to finish. The staff was courteous and professional, I felt that my questions were all answered, the facility was clean and well kept, I was treated with respect, and I felt happy every step of the way going forward with my breast augmentation. The results were spectacular! I can’t even tell you how happy I was with the end results. I have had three children (I breastfed all of them) and I just wanted some of that youthful roundness and perkiness back. I would definitely reccomend Dr Workman’s clinic to anyone who was seeking any type of body enhancement.

– Sarah

From Sheryl

I am a patient and client of Dr. Workman, and I have had a breast augmentation and a lift. I just wanted to give a testimonial to other women who are considering going through this process. I am getting close to being 50 and I have fairly exceptional health and so electing to have surgery was kind of a mental process for me. Now after surgery, I am a month later. The healing process and the surgery was absolutely so worth it. The amazing ego boost that you get every day when you go to put your clothes on. I actually feel physically healthier. I had no idea the impact it was going to make every day, and I am excited to put my clothes on so I feel better. I feel great, and I feel good in my clothes. I actually fit in my clothes and in my new bra. I just wanted to say I had no idea what I was actually doing for myself and the impact, the gift, and the ego boost every single day when I get up to get dressed is phenomenal. The whole process. I wanted to say that if I had known what I know now, I would have done it so much earlier than waiting until just turning 50. Now, I have my body and I am excited every day to get dressed and go face the world, feeling healthier and better than I did when I was in my 20s.

– Sheryl

From Marley

I just want to say that this guy, Dr. Workman, is a miracle worker. I had breast augmentation by him about nine years ago and he gave me the best boobs ever… If anybody’s thinking about that, this is the guy to go to.

– Marley

From Katie

You actually did implants for me and you did an awesome job and this was about 2006… He was awesome. I did a ton of research and he was great.

– Katie

From K

After having 5 babies within 6 1/2 years, my breasts had enough. I was left with two very small, uneven breasts. I sought out a handful of surgeons in the area which I felt were reputable and capable to take on my breast enhancement. I also had a referral from a friend who had a similar surgery years prior. After meeting with Dr. Workman and his staff, I felt very comfortable choosing him as my surgeon. Soon after, I cancelled my remaining consultations with other Dr.s. I was pleased with how Dr. Workman answered my questions and prepared me with information leading up to my surgery. I am very pleased with my results. I can easily refer any friends and family to Dr. Workman and look forward to returning there myself someday.

Thanks! – K.

From Julia

Once I had decided to have a lift, lipo, augmentation, and tummy tuck I went searching for a plastic surgeon and after visiting 3 different surgeons I chose Dr. Workman. I went with him for both the feeling I got from him and his staff but also his prices. Throughout the process the whole staff was wonderful and they really gave me the tools to have the best recovery possible. I enjoyed how forward they were about what you have to do to recover the right and healthy way. I have already recommended Dr. Workman and his staff to several people and will continue to. The results that I have are so much better than I thought, the scar line for my tummy tuck is perfect and is already healing nicely and my breasts are better than I could have imagined.

Thank you Dr. Workman and your entire staff I feel wonderful and look fantastic.

Mommy of 3, Julia

From Corey

I am two weeks post operative for a mastopexy (full lift) and exchange of breast implants.

Dr. Workman has a great staff, most have been with him for many years. They anticipated my needs, and I felt comfortable and safe. They are very professional, and skilled.

After the procedure, when I woke up in the recovery room, my pain was controlled easily. I did not have the nausea and vomiting that happens every time I usually have a surgery. The nurses were very attentive and made sure that I was very comfortable. When I went home my pain was also well controlled with the medications Dr. Workman prescribed me.

When the bandages were removed and I saw my new breasts, I was SO VERY PLEASED with the look and the shape. He was able to remove enough of the loose flabby breast tissue and the remaining tissue covered the high profile silicone implant very nicely. The shape and size were exactly like I imagined they would be, and very natural.

Even though the surgery to lift my breasts involved more incisions than I would like to have, the incisions were thin, and very neat. I love the feeling of the silicone breast implants. I cannot tell what is the implant, and what is me. They feel so much more soft and natural than the saline implants.

Thank you Dr Workman, and your wonderful staff.


From Billie

Dear Dr. Workman and staff,

My name is Billie, I recently had breast augmentation done at your office, I have to say it was a life changing moment for me. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. My breast look amazing. The staff was the most memorable for me they all were very helpful and so caring. Julia the after care nurse is the best!! Dr Workman is an amazing Dr he knew exactly what wanted and he is very personable. Thank you so much for the new me.



“Its been almost a yr, July 1st, I am so pleased with my augmentation! I cant believe how amazing they look! I miss going into your office and talking with your staff, they are an amazing team! I never felt uncomfortable from the first day I walked in your doors july 1st 2010, thank you for being so great at helping me decide what was my best look, you were so right. Just love them!”

From Melanie

I’m 4 months post-op on my breast lift and all I can say is WOW, I’m still amazed at how wonderful my breasts look. The procedure and subsequent recovery have exceeded my expectations in every way – Dr. Michael Workman ‘heard’ what I envisioned for myself and delivered results that were even better than I had hoped for.

Dr. Workman, Julia and the rest of the staff have provided excellent care – beginning with the first consultation, it was evident they had my best interests in mind. They kept me informed and comfortable before, during and after the surgery and have been wonderful through the subsequent post-op visits.

I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Workman to anyone considering breast augmentation, but most especially to those interested in a breast lift. I feel so good about the whole experience – THANK YOU!!


From Karen

Thanks for being such a great nurse. I am pleased with my results and the professionalism, service and caring experience I’ve received from Dr. Workman’s practice . He is someone I will highly recommend and already have to my other health care practitioners for their own patients.

I feel like I have a new lease on life and can finally walk proud with my chest high. No pun intended!! A little more self confidence always helps.


From Nancy

Thanks so much for your kind care and expertise in assisting with my post-op and recovery. My husband and I really appreciate you. We look forward to seeing you in a month.


From Michelle

I want to extend my most sincere gratitude to Dr. Workman and his staff. It was a pleasure working with people who absolutely LOVE what they are doing and it shows through and through. Kay is such a delight to talk to on the phone, always so accommodating and patient (even through the extreme winter weather last December). Julia is a rare gem. She goes well above and beyond. Each time I have visited your office Julia has always “put me at ease” she is so very knowledgeable and honest. She always made sure I knew she was available (either by email or personal cell phone) for any concerns or questions I might have.

After having three children in four years and gaining 50-70lbs with each one I found that is was going to be a real up hill climb to get back to my pre-pregnancy body. I diligently worked out for many years and unfortunately realized that I would never be able to get rid of my “baby pouch” or many stretch marks no matter how many hours I spent at the gym or how many calories I cut from my diet.

Last October I shared these feelings with my closet friend (who Dr. Workman had preformed a breast augmentation and tummy tuck) she encouraged me to schedule a consultation with Dr. Workman. I was so impressed by Dr. Workman and his staff. I live about an hour and a half from Dr Workman’s facility. There are numerous plastic surgeons close to my home BUT I would drive across the state to receive care from Dr. Workman.

I scheduled a “tummy tuck” last December. Dr. Workman and his staff took such good care of me. I was kept comfortable before, during and after the surgery. I was well informed. From my very first consultation to my follow-up care I have received the ROYAL treatment.

I would recommend Dr. Workman to anyone looking to regain their confidence. I feel so good about the whole experience!! My husband has promised me a warm tropical vacation for my BIG 40th birthday. I can assure you that when I slip on that bikini (for the first time in 10 years) I will be thanking Dr. Workman!!

Keep up the good work!

From Melissa

After giving birth and breast feeding three children I was left with a body that I did not feel matched the beautiful woman I felt on the inside. I remember going to a water park with my children and being preoccupied with how unhappy I was with how I looked in a swimsuit. It really took me out of the moment I wanted to enjoy with my family.

When I decided to have a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck I had alot of questions and concerns. I consulted several doctors and was impressed with Dr. Michael Workman and his staff because they all took so much time answering my questions making me feel confident that I was going have the very best care.

As an RN I appreciated the knowledge and experience of Dr. Workman, but I also wanted to hear from others who have had these procedures. In asking my friends and coworkers about who they went to for their procedures I heard Dr. Workman’s name come up again and again. Seeing my friend’s results and their encouragement of my procedures confirmed that I was making the right choice.

I can honestly say that my results were better than I expected. The first time I saw my flat stomach and full breasts; I cried for joy. This surgery for me was not just changing what I looked like on the outside but it truly changed the way I felt about myself and how I interacted with others. My husband says he noticed that I even walked differently and was more outgoing in social situations. I am confident in my own skin now and I think that inner peace is what people have noticed the most.

Thanks for everything,