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Are you unhappy with the appearance of a tattoo?

Perhaps your tattoo has faded with time, or you just want to have it removed.

Whatever the reason, there are treatments that can get rid of any unwanted tattoos, including laser, surgical removal, and dermabrasion. The removal of a tattoo has become more effective with the advancement in technology.

What is Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure that utilizes a high-intensity light beam to break up the pigment colors. The type of laser used for your tattoo removal will be selected based on the color of the tattoo. A black tattoo is an easier color to treat because it absorbs all laser wavelengths.

But advancement in technology with newer picosecond lasers have made blue and green colored tattoos also easier to remove. The age, size and color(s) of your tattoo, the depth of the pigment, and the color of your skin will determine the number of treatments you will need to remove it. Another factor is exposure to the sun prior to treatment as it can affect the risk of scarring and changes in pigmentation.

Laser Tattoo Removal Vancouver

Laser Tattoo Removal

Lasers are the most popular choice when it comes to tattoo removal in Vancouver. Lasers target particles of ink in your skin. Our immune system can’t remove these foreign particles due to their size. The light waves from the lasers warm up the particles to dismantle them into tiny pieces and allow your immune system to take it out of your body.

Q-switched lasers release energy in one powerful pulse to heat and destroy the ink. A Q-switched Nd: YAG is often employed on darker skin and avoid changing pigmentation. If you have a multicolored tattoo, lasers with different wavelengths may be required. 

Lasers are the most common tools utilized to remove a tattoo. Other methods are usually more invasive and are not often used

Procedure for Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal can be an uncomfortable procedure, although most patients do not need anesthesia. Particularly with smaller tattoos, a topical numbing cream can be applied for comfort and decrease the pain of the laser.

Your discomfort will have a lot to do with the location of the tattoo as certain parts of your body are more sensitive. To begin your procedure, you may receive protective eye shields and your skin will be tested to see how it reacts to the laser and determine the most effective energy.

The laser sends intense light through the top layers of your skin. More pulses of light may be needed with bigger tattoos. It usually takes several treatments to completely remove a tattoo, which gets lighter with each visit. 

Common techniques for tattoo removal include laser, surgical removal, and dermabrasion. Keep in mind you will need several treatment sessions to reduce and lighten your tattoo, which may not completely erase. Some ink colors are more difficult to remove than others. You will also need to wait 6 - 8 weeks between each session for your wound to heal and your body to absorb the broken-down ink.

Tattoo Removal Vancouver

Caring Environment: Setting the Standard for Cosmetic Excellence

At The Workman Center For Beautiful Skin & Bodies, we care about providing the best service, the most comprehensive aesthetic care and exceptional results in a comfortable environment. Dr. Workman is board-certified by the American Board of Medspa and has an extensive safety record, having performed more than 400 procedures last year. He takes the time to review your medical history, do a physical examination, and discuss your expectations to meet your particular needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for Tattoo Removal?

Anyone can be a good candidate for a tattoo removal procedure. Make sure to talk to Dr. Workman about what option is best for you.

What are the results of Tattoo Removal?

The results from your tattoo removal procedure will depend on several factors, including the location of your tattoo, its size and the complexity of its design, the color(s) of the ink, and the type of procedure chosen. There may be slight scarring or skin color variation after you have completed all your sessions. Results are not immediate and will show up progressively as you go through the treatments. Taking proper care of the wounds after your procedure is important for the best final results.

How many treatments will I need for Tattoo Removal?

The number of treatments depends on many factors, especially the size of the tattoo. Here are some key influences:

  • Age of the tattoo
  • The complexity of the tattoo’s design
  • How it was originally done (by a professional or an amateur)
  • Location of the tattoo
  • Size of the tattoo
  • Type of ink color 
  • Type of procedure chosen

What is the recovery time for Tattoo Removal?

Vancouver tattoo removal patients can expect some redness and swelling at the site of the tattoo. It might be a good idea to apply some antibiotic ointment and bandage to protect the wound and use an ice pack to soothe the area. You will need to clean your wound with soap and water daily. There is the possibility of blistering and crusting at the treated site. Make sure to cover the wound with a high SP sunblock when outdoors.

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