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Rosacea Treatment In Vancouver, WA

Calm the Flare

Rosacea Treatment

The redness and inflammation of rosacea can cause sensitivity and discomfort along with the many visible symptoms. Finding an effective way to soothe and tame rosacea flare-ups can be a challenge and sometimes leads to ineffective treatments that might make the problem even worse. At The Workman Center, methods such as medical-grade hydrating facials and IPL laser treatments offer a real answer to calming rosacea symptoms and providing relief.

Rosacea Treatment at The Workman Center for Beautiful Skin and Bodies

We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding aesthetic results as well as improvement in their overall well-being. Medical director Dr. Michael Workman and our medical aestheticians offer effective and safe treatments for rosacea in Vancouver at The Workman Center. Our providers can offer fully tailored and customized treatment plans to ensure you receive the best possible care for your specific needs and concerns.

What is Rosacea?

chronic inflammatory skin condition

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes rashy, red skin, most commonly on the nose and cheeks. Typical symptoms of rosacea can include ongoing facial redness, papules or pustules, thickened skin, and noticeable blood vessels. Genetics, immune system issues, or environmental components have all been suggested as the possible cause of rosacea, but the root cause is unknown. While there is not currently a cure for rosacea, there are some skin treatments that can effectively bring comfort and symptom relief.

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Rosacea Treatment Options

Injections for your specific needs

Some rosacea patients may be hesitant to attempt treatment because they are concerned inflammation, irritation, or redness could get worse after using harsh products or techniques. However, gentle but effective treatments are available to provide relief from aesthetic symptoms as well as physical discomfort. We can take a multi-step approach or use a single treatment method to help you look and feel better.

Laser IPL

Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to address redness, inflammation, and acne associated with rosacea by calming the skin. Laser IPL can also improve uneven skin tone as well as smooth lines and wrinkles.

HydroJelly Green Tea Tree Facial

The HydroJelly facial is a therapeutic, paraben-free facial that is extremely calming and hydrating. It is formulated with therapeutic super-greens to control oil production and acne-causing bacteria, along with reducing swelling, inflammation, and redness.


A fully customizable treatment, the HydraFacial includes a combination of exfoliators and serums that can provide extreme hydration and rejuvenation. This treatment is powerful yet gentle enough for any skin type or tone.

Benefits of Rosacea Treatment

What can Rosacea treatment do for me?

If you're living with rosacea, you understand the frustration and discomfort of dealing with this long-lasting condition. While there is no cure for rosacea, treating it with facials or lasers can greatly improve redness, inflammation, and quality of life. Clearer, more even skin tone and reduced irritation and acne are possible. Our Vancouver rosacea treatment patients can see benefits like:

  • Fewer flare-ups
  • Reduction of visible, painful, and irritating symptoms
  • Prevents the condition from getting worse
  • Non-invasive methods
  • Treatments are therapeutic and soothing
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Am I a candidate for Rosacea treatment?

Since the treatment techniques we use for rosacea are gentle and non-invasive, they can be used on any skin type or tone safely and effectively. Facials and IPL laser treatments can reduce the appearance of blood vessels and capillaries, pustules, redness, inflammation, and flushing. The treatments can also address pain, irritation, and itchiness. Men and women of any age who are experiencing these symptoms and have been diagnosed with or are suspected of having rosacea are likely good candidates for treatment.

Why The Workman Center?

The Workman Center in Vancouver, WA, is led by medical director Dr. Michael Workman and boasts a group of highly trained and skilled aesthetic medical staff. Our goal is to offer our clients a serene environment and unparalleled care so you have the best experience available and leave feeling thrilled with your results.

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Rosacea Treatment FAQs

Most of our rosacea treatments are comfortable and often very soothing.

While there are virtually no risks associated with facials, IPL laser treatments carry some rare risks, such as infection or scarring.

Since there is no cure for rosacea, no treatment is permanent. However, the treatments that we use can help to ease symptoms for several months.

Since these methods are very gentle and minimally invasive, we can find a treatment for every skin type.

The cost of rosacea treatment depends on which method or methods are utilized and the recommended treatment regimen.

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