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Restylane is an injectable gel that should always be administered by a trained, medically qualified practitioner.

Restylane enhances your natural looks by restoring your skin’s volume, creating softness and revitalizing your appearance.

Youthful skin is rich in hyaluronic acid. As we age, the distribution and function of hyaluronic acid in our skin gradually change, leading to the characteristic signs of aging.

Restylane gels work by enhancing your skin’s own stocks of hyaluronic acid, directly adding volume to either soften the signs of aging or enhance your features. Restylane injections are quick. It usually takes less than 30 minutes. The benefits can be seen immediately.

Why Restylane?

Millions of people have used Restylane with confidence. It is the world’s most widely used product based on hyaluronic acid for esthetic enhancement.

Restylane is safe. Restylane safety and efficacy is proven beyond a doubt, with robust clinical data spanning a decade. Adverse reactions to Restylane are rare. Restylane is natural. The uniquely produced hyaluronic acid gel of Restylane closely resembles natural hyaluronic acid. Vancouver Restylane patients have a reduced risk of inflammatory reactions or other side effects.

Restylane is long lasting but not permanent. Restylane gives you flexibility and control over your looks. Because your face changes shape as you age, you want to avoid a permanent look you might regret in years to come.

Restylane is nonanimal. In contrast to some other hyaluronic acid-based products, the hyaluronic acid in Restylane is not extracted from animals. This means there is no risk of transmitting disease or eliciting allergic reactions if you are sensitive to common foods, such as chicken and eggs.

Restylane is quick and easy. Restylane treatment usually fits in well with busy lifestyles, with minimal downtime, and gives results that can be seen instantly.

How Is Restylane Produced?

Restylane is produced by Q-Med AB in Sweden under strict laboratory conditions to obtain a high degree of product purity. Q-Med is a rapidly growing biotechnology/medical device company. Q-Med develops, produces, markets and sells implants for esthetic and medica use. All products are based on the company’s patented NASHA™ technology.

If you injected hyaluronic acid in its natural form into the body, it would break down in just a few days, and any treatment benefit would be very short-lived. The unique stabilization process patented by Q-Med and used in the manufacture of Restylane results in a hyaluronic acid gel that closely resembles the body’s own hyaluronic acid. This provides long-lasting treatment benefits and minimizes the risk of a skin reaction. We strive to deliver the best Restylane Vancouver has to offer.

Restylane Vancouver

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