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ACE the Test of Time

Created by Dr. Workman at The Workman Center for Plastic Surgery in Vancouver, WA, The ACE Lift uses growth factors from an amnio-cosmetic elixir to non-surgically restore youthful skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the face.

ACE Lift Vancouver

What is an ACE Lift?

The “ACE” in ACE Lift stands for amnio-cosmetic elixir, a revolutionary new type of cosmetic treatment option that re-energizes the body’s ability to fight off the signs of aging. The ACE Lift uses a hydrating amnio-cosmetic elixir called Luminel™ along with platelet-rich plasma and microneedling.

If you are interested in the ACE Lift Vancouver plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Workman is your natural choice. With this potent combination, the expert aesthetic specialists at the Workman Center can improve your skin health and vitality, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restore your skin’s natural elasticity.

The ACE Factor

The exciting discovery powering the ACE Lift is the healing power of growth factors. Growth factors are naturally occurring polypeptides that trigger responses in skin cells. If your skin cells were all workers in a factory, the growth factors would be the orders telling them what to make.

Over the past 15 years, growth factors have been the driving force behind a biotech revolution in aesthetic care. They are the driving force behind platelet-rich plasma, a substance derived from your own blood that synthesizes and concentrates platelets full of growth factors. When these platelets interact with skin cells, they release their growth factors and cellular regeneration increases.

Luminel™ takes this concept to the next level. Unlike PRP (adult plasma that contains growth factors), Luminel™ comes from donated amniotic fluid, which features a concentration of growth factors orders of magnitude higher than ordinary blood or PRP. Luminel™ is also rich in collagen and hyaluronic acid, two of the building blocks of healthy skin.

Using an amnio-cosmetic elixir full of highly concentrated growth factors as the core of this procedure, the aesthetic specialists at the Workman Center offer incredible rejuvenating results without the need for surgery.

Am I a candidate for an ACE Lift?

Most healthy adults are eligible for an ACE Lift. When you come in for your Vancouver ACE Lift consultation, our team will review your health history and condition and ensure no conditions or allergies prevent you from eligibility.

The ACE Lift Procedure

The procedure for the ACE Lift revolves around targeting signs of facial aging with a potent combination of Luminel™, PRP, and microneedling.

Luminel™ delivers a concentrated amnio-cosmetic elixir full of growth factors, hydrating molecules, and skin-tightening collagen pillars directly into the parts of the face that need it most. This can be done as a topical application, as part of microneedling, or as an injection.

This procedure can also be combined with your own PRP to amplify the treatment further. While PRP is not quite as concentrated as Luminel™, the pairing of the two via the ACE Lift has generated very positive results in Dr. Workman’s patients.

Microneedling helps deliver these serums to the places they need to go. Using microneedling to create hundreds of microscopic channels in the skin, the ACE Lift can penetrate the skin down to the exact area where collagen production is most concentrated. As these channels heal, the growth factors trigger a cascade of revitalization throughout the treatment area.

When used in tandem, these three treatments deliver long-lasting and visible results. Your Portland ACE Lift will usually take less than an hour, depending on the size of the treatment site. You may experience some mild discomfort during microneedling, but our aesthetic specialists have a delicate touch and will do whatever they can to make you comfortable during the procedure.

What to expect during ACE Lift recovery

The recovery process from an ACE Lift is very mild; arguably even milder than traditional microneedling. After an ACE Lift Portland and Vancouver patients are often free to resume their normal activities immediately, and can apply makeup 24 hours after the procedure. Because there are so many healing and restorative growth factors involved in an ACE Lift, most patients say that they feel back to normal within a day or two of the procedure, with little-to-no residual swelling.

When can I see results from my ACE Lift?

The ACE Lift works because the growth factors in the amnio-cosmetic elixir boost the natural regenerative abilities of your skin. Because this takes time, it may take up to six weeks for your results to become visible.

As your body processes the growth factors from the amnio-cosmetic elixir, you will begin to see a visible tightening and rehydrating of the skin. Areas with fine lines and wrinkles will appear more youthful and healthy.

Because the process restarts your body’s natural collagen-building production, you will see your results continue to improve for several months following your treatment. While Luminel™ is still a fairly new product, initial studies show that the serum’s effects can last for more than six months after a single treatment.

ACE Lift Portland

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Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Workman, the Workman Center for Plastic Surgery offers innovative surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments to revitalize your body and self-confidence. Dr. Workman believes in providing his patients with the best possible results by constantly seeking out innovative, scientifically backed products and treatments like The ACE Lift. If you want to ACE your next big event, schedule a consultation for an ACE Lift at the Workman Center today.

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