Sheryl Stewart meets with Dr. Michael Workman, M.D. of The Workman Center for Plastic Surgery in the 105.1 The Buzz studio. Sheryl talks with Dr. Workman about Christian Bale’s weight gain, the end of summer, and how CoolSculpting can freeze fat off your body.


  • Sheryl talks about Christian Bale’s recent weight gain and discusses the potential consequences
  • High sugar and saturated fat intake impairs your cholesterol absorption
  • Most of the areas we don’t like are genetics, you just have more fat cells there and you can shrink the fat cells, but you’ll still have the bulge
  • Sheryl recently visited Dr. Workman’s office in this video
  • Abdomen and flanks are where most people use CoolSculpting
  • With CoolSculpting, you can treat areas that weren’t candidates for liposuction like under the chin, between the legs, and around the knees
  • The Workman Center for Plastic Surgery will be opening a new office in Happy Valley/Clackamas that will specialize in CoolSculpting
  • We all put on weight during the winter time because of lack of activity and holiday eating