Sheryl Stewart meets with Dr. Michael Workman, M.D. of The Workman Center for Plastic Surgery in the 105.1 The Buzz studio. Sheryl talks with Dr. Workman about the submental area (below the chin) and how he can help remove fat deposits with liposuction or CoolSculpting treatments.


  • Sheryl brings up a story about “text neck” where younger people are getting wrinkles while looking at their phones
  • Thermage is a treatment where they superheat the skin and makes the collagen become much more youthful – they don’t perform this usually with young adults
  • By holding your phone up higher, you won’t tip your head as much and create wrinkles
  • The area below the chin is called the submental area where fat collects
  • They can use liposuction or CoolSculpting to remove or permanent kill fat cells in that area
  • The Workman Center for Plastic Surgery is running a special on CoolSculpting in the month of April