Dr. Michael Workman joined 105.1 The Buzz’s Sheryl Stewart to talk about visualizing cosmetic surgery with Crisalix and getting quick, non-surgical results with CoolSculpting!


  • Dr. Workman takes pictures of the patient and then shows them of what they look like naked or in a bikini
  • This allows for them to make adjustments and see what they will look like post cosmetic surgery
  • Dr. Workman does this for all patients without charge so they are satisfied with their results
  • For breast augmentation, Dr. Workman also puts an implant under the bra and over the skin to see how it looks
  • CoolSculpting allows for patients to get their body contoured and remove fat from specific areas of the body
  • CoolSculpting has been approved by the FDA for under the chin
  • Dr. Workman has two machines so he is able to perform CoolSculpting in multiple areas at once
  • In April 2017, Dr. Workman is doing 15% off of CoolSculpting