Butt Lift

A buttock lift is a plastic surgery procedure that tightens the skin of the buttock area. A buttock lift can be performed on its own or in combination with other plastic surgery procedures. Most patients elect to have a buttock lift done in conjunction with a thigh lift. This combination can produce excellent results as well as boost self-esteem.

As you age, your skin may begin to sag. Even if you stay in good physical shape, your skin will naturally lose tone and elasticity over time. A buttock lift is a safe, effective way to rejuvenate your appearance. A buttock lift is a great solution for patients who are in good overall health, may have recently lost a large amount of weight and have some stubborn fat deposits and loose saggy skin that they would like to remove.

The Procedure

The buttock lift procedure is similar to a thigh lift. During your initial consultation, Dr. Workman will discuss why you want a buttock lift. He will then review your medical history and determine how to proceed. Most patients return again for a preoperative appointment before the buttock lift to discuss the procedure in greater detail, and prepare you for surgery and recovery.

On the day of the surgery Dr. Workman will begin by marking the areas of your skin where the incisions will be made. After you are given anesthesia, Dr. Workman will cut along the incisions. One large incision will be made across your lower back, right above the buttocks. The excess fat is removed with a liposuction machine. The incisions will then be stitched up. Although there will be some scarring, these scars can easily be covered with underwear or a bathing suit. The entire buttock lift takes around two hours. This time will vary based on the amount being removed and whether you undergo any other procedures at the same time.

If you are considering a buttock lift, contact us today. Dr. Workman will meet with you for a consultation to discuss your goals and explain the buttock lift procedure.