Body Image & Its Effect On Our Lives

We hear about body image in the media, at school and online almost constantly. The phrase is repeated so often, it almost loses its meaning for many Americans. Although you may not have a firm grasp of the concept of body image, you have probably felt its effects,...

When Exercise Isn’t Enough

It takes a lot of dieting and dedicated exercise to lose stubborn excess weight around the stomach. For some individuals, especially those who may have recently lost a lot of weight, intense ab workouts aren’t always enough to tighten loose skin around the stomach....

Enhance Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Our skin can’t always be as beautiful as it was when we were in our 20s. As we grow older, our faces, neck and chest begin to display signs of aging such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dryness. Luckily, modern cosmetic advancements and aesthetic treatments have...


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