Best Procedures for Your Ideal Summer Body

Summer Body Portland

If you’ve been working hard at the gym but are having trouble losing those last stubborn inches to tighten up for swimsuit season, consider getting a cosmetic procedure for a summer makeover. Dr. Workman can create a customized treatment plan to address your problem areas and can help you get that beach-ready body you’ve been working so hard for. Whether you want to lose a few inches around the hips and thighs, or have been trying to tighten up your midsection, you can undergo a procedure now and look forward to results within a few short weeks.

Achieve a Sculpted Look with Body Contouring After Weight Loss

Bod Contouring Portland

Losing a significant amount of weight offers many health and emotional benefits, but you may be left with sagging skin and irregular body contours after such a dramatic change in your body’s composition. Whether you lost the weight with bariatric surgery, or through diet and exercise, loose skin and a disproportionate silhouette may be making you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Body contouring in Portland can help you achieve a more sculpted and balanced look. It could be just what you need as the final stage of your complete body and image transformation!

Maintain a Beautiful Figure with a Breast Lift in Vancouver

Breast Lift Vancouver

Maintaining a beautiful and youthful figure can be challenging as you get older. This is why you may have considered plastic surgery to enhance your silhouette. In particular, many women are concerned about sagging or drooping breasts as they age and have considered getting breast implants.

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Mommy Makeover Procedures To Restore Your Figure After Pregnancy

Mommy Makeover Vancouver WA

If you’re like most moms, you may be realizing just how much pregnancy has changed your body. Weight fluctuations, sagging breasts, and loose abdominal muscles are some of the physical side effects of pregnancy and can make you feel self conscious about your figure.

Combining Liposuction in Oregon With A Healthy Lifestyle

Liposuction Oregon
Many people across the country chose to undergo body contouring surgeries, such as liposuction, to kick off the New Year with the body that they’ve been working toward. After the procedure, you cannot give up all of the dieting and exercising for a life of streaming Netflix on your sofa for hours with a fistful of your favorite chips. Now that you have the body you want doesn’t mean that the healthy lifestyle should come to an end.

Liposuction is About Making the Right Decisions

A common misconception about liposuction in Oregon is that it is essentially cheating the system – an easy way to overcome obesity and lose weight for those who don’t want to diet or exercise; this is not the case at all. If someone unwilling to live a healthy lifestyle undergoes liposuction, their body will likely just begin developing new fat until they are back to square one.

The issue is that many people often place blame on the procedure itself, saying that liposuction only temporarily removes fat, but that it will come back inevitably; this is incorrect. Liposuction in Oregon literally removes fat cells from the body, and these cells are gone for good. Fat will only return if someone continues to life a sedentary lifestyle and eat unhealthy, as it naturally would.

However, this is not the case for most liposuction patients. Many people who undergo liposuction are already doing their best to eat right and exercise regularly. Their problems with stubborn deposits of fat stems from uncontrollable factors, such as a slowing metabolism, genetics, and age, that have made these areas resistant to traditional forms of weight loss. Liposuction in Oregon allows these types of patients to achieve the body that they have been working for, but cannot achieve with dieting and exercise alone.

Maintaining Your New Body

Keeping your new slimmer figure is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The fat will not come back on its own unless you allow it. Therefore, as we continue to move further into 2014, don’t cross off all of your healthy resolutions simply because you now have the body that you want. The key to maintaining a sexy, slim figure is through a healthy lifestyle. Now that you’re the size you want, why not challenge yourself with a new resolution?

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